jueves, marzo 10, 2005

Deep Thoughts, By Jack Handy

Jack Handey es quizás uno de los "personajes" más memorables para mí en toda la historia de Saturday Night Live, las comillas se deben a que Jack Handey era realmente uno de los escritores y co-productores de SNL, quien se hizo famoso gracias a su segmento Deep Thoughts, aquí algunas muestras de su atemporal sabiduría:
  • Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.
  • When you're riding in a time machine way far into the future, don't stick your elbow out the window, or it'll turn into a fossil.
  • The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.
  • I'd rather be rich than stupid.
  • I bet the main reason the police keep people away from a plane crash is they don't want anybody walking in and lying down in the crash stuff, then, when somebody comes up, act like they just woke up and go, "What was THAT?!"
  • When you go in for a job interview, I think a good thing to ask is if they ever press charges.
  • Probably the saddest thing you'll ever see is a mosquito sucking on a mummy. Give it up, little guy.
  • To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography, and the dancers hit each other.
  • If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.
  • I wish I had a Kryptonite cross, because then you could keep both Dracula AND Superman away.
  • It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at that man.
  • One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. "Oh, no," I said. "Disneyland burned down." He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late.
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