martes, marzo 29, 2005

Spam Nigeriano

que ahora se mudó a Costa de Marfil y aquí reproduzco:

From Paul Keita.
21 BP 3 AV refugee camp
Abidjan, Cote D'Ivoire.
Email :
I know my message will come to you as a surprise and as a total stranger who decided to have trust and confidence in you by trusting his life into your hands. Dont worry I was totally convinced to write you in reference of the transfer of US$8.5 Million to your Bank Account for onward investment in your country.
I am Paul Keita the son of the former chief of defence-staff Late GENERAL
ROBERT KEITA of Guinea Bissau.

My father was killed following against the role of rebel leader in the past government of Guinea Bissau.
Following this political crisis, I was forced to leave our country to Abidjan the capital city of Cote D'Ivoire for my life sake.

It is here in Abidjan he deposited this said money in one of the Banks In this country. I got to know about this information and as well able to recover all the relevant documents regards to this deposits which he kept with our grand mother and our grand mother is old now and you can get back to us through this e-mail address.

Further details will be made known to you about the lifting of this fund legally to your Bank Account on the confirmation of your interest to move on with this transation .
As you can understand the condition of the world today,So I will like you to keep the confidentiality of this transaction if you are ready and really want to work with me on this transaction.Again, be informed on no account should you involve any third party if not when both agree to do that. Thanks you for your maximum co-operation.
Yours Sincerely,
Paul Keita.

Hasta ganas me dan de responderle para ver que madre pasa por la cabeza de esta gente...

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